Book Review: Dexter is Dead by Jeff Lindsay

Jeff Lindsay promised us a definitive end to the Dexter chronicles, and he did deliver.

Dexter is currently in prison after being falsely accused of murder. Say that again?? Yes, he’s finally in prison for murder, but murders that he didn’t commit, including the death of the dearly tolerated departed Rita. 

Dexter is alone in prison, awaiting his day in court. His friends at the police force have turned their backs on him, including, Deborah. Now that Dexter is of no use to Deborah, she sees no reason for him to not serve time for the crimes that he committed, though not the crimes that he is charged for. 

However, Brian - my favorite character - comes to the rescue. Is this to show brotherly love? Or, does Dexter serve more of a purpose to him outside of jail? 




I really enjoyed the lead up to the end of this series. I loved that Dexter and Brian finally got to spend some quality time together. The ending was incredibly depressing to me. Not because Dexter died, that was one of two options we were given from the beginning, its the way in which he died. I expected more. I expected him to die in a bigger way. And maybe thats the point, life is fragile … yadda yadda. 

Still a better ending than the Showtime version…. (burn). 

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