In which I am quoted in a Paste.com article...

Zomg you guys, I was quoted in a magazine article about Ms Amanda Fucking Palmer. 


"It’s both awesome and strange as a fan to be so connected to your idols. As I follow both Amanda and Neil on Twitter, I tend to know a lot about what’s going on in their lives (of what they’re willing to share). But meeting them presented the realization that I know these people and they don’t know me at all.

It’s complete audience participation. The audience found the venue. The audience set up the stage. The audience spread the word, which enabled a mini-show of 500 people to show up within 20 hours of Amanda’s tweet. Amanda and Neil bring the entertainment, we bring the love and support, and several people brought cookies.—Jaime Abbess attended a Ninja Gig in Sarasota, Fla."

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Freaking Amazing Day

I'm not a big fan of living in Florida. Its so hot, and so secluded. The literary community is very slim. We're generally passed over for concerts - at least, the concerts that I would like to see. So, I wouldn't have put money on a Amanda Palmer/Neil Gaiman Ninja gig happening near me.

Around 5pm yesterday, while reading my Twitter feed, I turned to my boyfriend and said, Amanda Palmer is going to be in Sarasota tomorrow, I'm going. It was so obvious that I would be going. Luckily, I was able to convince him to go with me and experience the awesomeness of the couple.

The timing was serendipitous. I stepped out of the car and Neil and Amanda were parked directly in front of me. I struggled, should I bug them now? Or, should I be polite? And if I'm polite, will I ever have this opportunity again? So, I asked if it was ok to get a picture before they were surrounded by folks. They were incredibly kind and gracious, which is in line with what I've ever heard of the two.

Pic 1 copy.jpg

I can hardly explain the excitement of this moment for me. Both of these artists have lit a fire in me, in times when my mental state was very dark. Neil brought hope. Amanda brought acceptance. 

Thanks to both for more than I was able to explain in person.