Before Sunrise/Sunset Continues with Before Midnight

This was an excellent surprise today. If you were a teenage girl in the 90's, you may be familiar with the film Before Sunrise. The gist is that Jessie, Ethan Hawke, and Celine , Julie Deply, meet on a train while traveling through Europe. They spend the night together walking through the streets of Vienna. The next morning they walk to the train station and get on trains going opposite directions. They vow to meet up in six months time. The movie ends, with no resolution. 

Ten years later, Before Sunset came out. The film shows Jessie on a book tour and Celine in the crowd. Due to the death of Celine's grandmother, Celine did not show up to the meeting described in the first movie. Jessie did show. They spend the day together walking through Paris. Jessie is due to get on a plane to go home to his wife and kids. Again the ending has no resolution as to whether or not he got on the plane. 

Nine years later, Before Midnight will be released! I love this trip that we are going on with the actors. I love that twenty years after filing Before Sunrise, they are coming together again. I assume the audience will be left unresolved but I don't care.

To be released in May 2013.