Book Review Quickie: Shine Shine Shine by Lydia Netzer



Sunny Mann is a perfect housewife, or at least she has made it her goal in life to seem to be the perfect housewife. She is married to Maxon Mann, a robotics scientist currently in a rocket en route to colonize the moon. Sunny is heavily pregnant with her second child. Her first child, Bubber, is very similar to his father, which can be good or bad. Netzer never labels Maxon. I would feel safe to assume that he has Asperger's or Autism. Maxon has more in common with his robots than with the human race. He has equations and formulas to understand how to act in day-to-day life.  

Sunny’s perfect façade begins to crumble, and once the cracks in her sleepy suburban life start to shake the foundation she begins to wake up and realize what is truly important.

The meat of this story is a love story; it’s the wonderfully ordinary story of a boy and girl who fall in love enveloped in extraordinary circumstances.  

My only qualm with this novel is the ending. There is no clean finale, which really drives me crazy especially after feeling so connected with these characters.

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