Re-read: Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson

Let's Pretend.jpeg

Oh, I do enjoy Jenny Lawson. I reviewed this book around a year ago and completely adored it. I recently downloaded the audiobook from my library and found that Jenny narrates the book, which was a perfect decision by her publisher.

Here is the review from 2012:

I’m not sure what I enjoyed more about this book. The actual laughing to tears moments while reading or the actual laughing to tears moments while retelling the stories to my boyfriend (who kept mentioning that he and Victor have a lot in common). 

It says a great deal about Jenny Lawson (of blogging fame) that at 38, she was able to write a 300+ page memoir that is interesting to read. Interesting, not because she is a celebrity or has boinked a celebrity, but because she has lived a strange life and has maintained a good attitude about that life. As Lawson mentions in her prologue, “you are defined, not by life’s imperfect moments, but by your reaction to them.” This sets the tone for the book. Lawson could have written a book about her parent’s questionable child-rearing skills. She could have written a book about tearful issues with fertility. Instead, Lawson wrote a story that holds dark aspects but is told in a lighthearted manner. 

Lawson is able to play the role of an unreliable narrator with grace. I’m not sure whether she truly believes in what she says or if she says she believes as such for laughs. Either way, it works for me. 

My only disappointment was at the end of the book, when I had turned the last page. I did not want this trip into the mind of Lawson to be over, I wanted to stay in her world for just a bit more. 

Luck for us, Lawson blogs about her life so that we can have a taste to keep us happy until her next book. 

I would recommend this book … to people with a dark sense of humor who do not mind stories coming from a lady with the mouth of a trucker. Well, if a trucker and a sailor had a baby, that baby would be Jenny Lawson. 

My favorite quote … “My God, this is going to be a terrible book.”