Bookish Stuff You Should Know

One of my favorite series is the Millenium Trilogy (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). As many know, Larsson died after writing the 3rd book, and lovers of the series see it as an incomplete work. Larsson's notes to continue the story were found but no action has taken place.

So, the news? The news is that a fourth "Girl with" book is to be released in 2014. Swedish journalist, David Lagercrantz, is currently writing the novel, and from what I understand its completely without any of the previously mentioned notes. So either, this can be awesome or it can destroy one of my favorite series. 

Speaking of, when is Fincher going to make the Girl who Played with Fire (my favorite of the series)?? He's killing me. Its been 2 years since the first came out and it was amazing.