Book Review: Messenger by Lois Lowry


Messenger is the third installment in The Giver quartet. We are brought back into the story when Matt(y) has been living in the village with Kira's dad (also known as the Seer). Matt is 12 years old and awaiting the receipt of his true name, which coincides with the role that you play in the society. Matt desperately wants to be named "Messenger." The leader of this village, aptly named Leader, is in fact Jonas from The Giver. I love that readers finally get some closure regarding Jonas and Gabe. Matt is comfortable traveling back and forth between Village and other communities, until recently. He has noticed that the forest has become more dangerous. Most members of Village refuse to go anywhere near the forrest, due to people having been severely injured and killed attempting to leave. The Villagers have begun to change as well. Village is no longer the safe haven that it once was. Matty and Jonas must come up with a solution, before it's too late (dramatic music here). 

This book was ok, definitely not my favorite installment of this series. I didn't care for the mystical gift stuff that keeps popping up in this book. There was some degree of mysticism in book two, but not to this degree. Also, unlike book two - which can stand alone from book one - I would not suggesting reading this novel, without reading the first two installments. 

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