Bookish Stuff You Should Know

First, the Catching Fire trailer has been released. Yay! It looks great. The trailer doesn't spoil what will happen in the next film, which is rare in trailer. 


Second, Penguin has come out with a fun iOS app to celebrate National Poetry Month. The app helps you memorize famous poems. I've played around with it a bit and its pretty fun (well, depending on what your definition of fun happens to be). Check out Poems by Heart

Third, it's National Library Week! If you love your library, and want to find out how to help support your local library, check out the ALA website

NYT BOok Review .gif

Lastly, I am so disappointed in finding out today that Sam Tanenhaus is retiring as host of the NYTimes Book Review Podcast. I have spent many a Monday listening to Sam interview authors and collaborate with his colleagues on publishing news. It makes me sad to think of not hearing Sam every Monday, however, its an opportunity for those who are not aware of this awesome podcast to start fresh with a new host. NYTimes Book Review Podcast

That's all that I have for this week in publishing news. Happy Reading!