Book Review Quickie: Leopard by Jo Nesbo

The Leopard.JPG

After the traumatic ending of Snowman, Harry Hole has once again lost his love, Rikael. He has quit his job and run off to the East. During his disappearance, a new killer stalks the streets of Oslo. The Crime Squad sent Kaja Solness to go find Harry. He is found living in squalor in Hong Kong, he owes money to the wrong people and heavily using drugs. Kaja eventually convinces Harry to come back to Oslo by letting him know that his father is essentially on his death bed. 

Harry comes back to a political turmoil regarding Crime Squad vs a new law unit known as Kripos. The government wants Kripos to handle murder cases, while Crime Squad handles lesser crimes. Hagan, Harry's former boss, asks Harry to work on the recent murders in secret. However, it doesn't stay a secret very long due to a mole on team. Harry is pulled from the investigation, but -- being Harry -- he's unable to let go of something once he has sunk in his teeth.. 

So, minor spoiler alert, we get to see Katarine from Snowman. She's currently in a psyche ward, self checked in. I have to say that I LOVE batshit crazy Katarine. 

I absolutely will continue reading the Harry Hole series. The stories are excellent but they are a solid 3 stars in my book. 

Favorite quote: 

The answer to her question about what he most wanted right now. He wanted an armored heart.

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