Book Review: The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins by Irvine Welsh

The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins revolves around the relationship between two women - Lucy Brennan and Lena Sorenson. Lucy is a personal trainer who found herself in a position one night that brought out some bravery. She was stopped in the middle of the road at night with two men running at her, then past her, trying to get away from a third man chasing them with a gun. Lucy takes down the armed man and holds him until the police arrive. 

Lena was present that night, as a bystander, and filmed Lucy’s heroic act. Lena provides the video to the news networks and Lucy becomes an instant local celebrity. 

The next day, while Lucy is reeling from media attention, Lena tracks her down in the guise of becoming Lucy’s client. Lucy, has a terrible resentment towards Lena. The reason seems only that Lena is overweight. As much as Lena is seduced by Lucy’s personality and strength, Lucy is repulsed by Lena’s weakness and physical appearance. 

What follows is a dramatic turn of events due to their obsession with each other. 

The book is a solid three stars. Interesting, fast-paced read. I absolutely cannot stand Lucy. At first I thought the author was unable to voice a female character, but then when we get more inside Lena’s mind, that hypothesis is squashed. I didn’t feel that the ending was true to the story, but otherwise an interesting book. 

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