Book Review: Double Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

The final Dexter book, Dexter is Dead is set to release on July 7, 2015. I recently reviewed book 5 of the Dexter series. Today, to continue the Dexter countdown, I have reviewed book 6, Double Dexter.

Double Dexter picks up about a year after Dexter is Delicious. Deborah has had her baby – it actually took Lindsay a while to inform the reader of that, I figured he decided to just write it away. Lily Anne is just over a year old. Brother Brian is back after finally proving to Dexter that his intents are pure (I love Brian). And finally, the Dark Passenger is back in control.

Dexter sets up shop in a foreclosed house in Miami for the removal of a pedophilic clown from the streets of Miami. Unfortunately for Dexter, he wasn’t the only person deciding to trespass that night. In middle of clean-up, Dexter hears an unfriendly-voyeur run to his car and take off. The only thing that Dexter knows about this person is the type of car that he drives. Dexter is a bit put-off by this. He starts a crusade to find this observer but didn’t expect the person to find him first. 

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