Book Review: What Remains of Me by Alison Gaylin

When Kelly Lund was 17 she committed murder, she became America’s Sociopath with her “Mona Lisa Smile” the day of the conviction. Kelly spend 25 years in prison, quietly accepting her punishment. She never provided a reasons for killing famous director John McFadden.

Upon completion of her 25 year sentence, Kelly left the prison with her husband Shane Marshall. Shane was the younger brother of Kelly’s dearest friend Bellamy, both Shane and Bellamy were Hollywood Royalty. Kelly has acclimated, somewhat, to post-prison life until her father-in-law is killed in the same manner as John McFadden.

What Remains of Me switches back and forth from current day to the time of the original murder. Kelly gives no hint to her innocence or guilt, the reader just comes along for the ride.  

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