Book Review: The Fireman by Joe Hill

This was an amazing read. At the beginning of the book we see an outbreak of an illness referred to as "Dragonscale". This is a disease which causes black and gold marks on the infected person and spontaneous combustion, which is clearly the most terrifying things ever. SERIOUSLY Google it.

Harper is a nurse with a heart of gold. She, of course, devotes her time to help the people infected by the Dragonscale, to the dismay of her husband. Its at the hospital that Harper first met the Fireman, he carried in a sick child who many refused to touch due to the infection. Harper jumped in saving the child's life.

One day a spontaneous combustion set off a domino effect and the hospital Harper worked at was shut down. As she walked away from the scene of the fire she spotted the Fireman again.

Of course Harper becomes infected, her husband freaks out and moves into a coworkers apartment. Harper sees the Fireman from time to time. He seems to be her guardian angel. Watching to ensure that she was safe.

The Fireman is an amazing book. You become completely absorbed in this apocalyptic novel with dashes of group hysteria and Joe Hill wit.

This is an absolute MUST READ. I refuse to give further detail. Get ready because this book will consume you.