Bookish Stuff You Should Know (vol 4)

Mostly slow week in the book world, but here are some cool things that surfaced on the internet:

Photo source: NPR.org

Photo source: NPR.org

J.K. Rowling will donate an annotated version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for a charity auction. How does this benefit the readers? The Guardian will have the annotations online for viewers to scroll through. 

Commencement address given by David Foster Wallace, has been brought to life via this youtube.com clip. It's really amazing, I haven't read Wallace, but this makes me want to, any suggestions of where to begin? 

There is a Neil Gaiman short story available at Audible.com for FREE! Best part is that it's narrated by Neil himself. 

Neil Gaiman.jpg

Nina Katchadourian has a neat project on her website of poetry made by strategic placement of book spines. Some are funny, some are poignant. The idea is pretty neat, head over to Nina's website to check them out. 

Happy Reading!