(Audio)Book Review Quickie: Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan

Quick note: Sorry for the blog silence, I've gone through a bit of personal drama, but am now settled enough to get back into this blog, yay!  

Anywho, this is a bit of a quickie because I listened to the audiobook several months ago and though I recall general information regarding this book, I've lost the specific details.

The narrator was ok. She tended to often fade into the background, which I believe was a mix between her voice and the author's style of writing, which tended to over explain. The story itself was interesting, 

Susannah was a young-writer in NYC. She began to experience what many thought to be psychological issues. So much so that she was diagnosed as bipolar, a diagnosis which quickly escalating to schizophrenia. Her mother and father refused to accept the diagnosis, as it is so far removed from the Susannah that they know. After a month of hospitals, tests, and specialists, the true cause is found and Susannah begins her road to recovery. 

This originated as a column explaining the situation and it should have remained as such. Susannah seemed to have to stretch a lot to make this interesting as a book; she peppered the text with phrases such as: "little did I know" or "I would soon find out." She was trying to insert drama into a story that was dramatic enough. 

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