Book Review Quickie: The First Bad Man by Miranda July

It is impossible to do a review on this book. I've tried you guys. There is no way to explain these piece of work that will make any sense to someone who hasn't read it. 

You know how in episodic TV, they start out one place and end up somewhere you've never expected, and you find yourself wondering, how the hell did that happen? That is this book. You start with a very strange woman named Cheryl, add a very strange woman named Clee, show a weird relationship between the two, and then it ends up in a place you wouldn't expect. 

The flow of the book is sometimes confusing, we're in Cheryl's head for the majority of the time and there are parts where its hard to detect if something is actually happening or not. Regardless of the oddness of the book, its worth the read. It doesn't have the cutting humor that I expected of Miranda July, its instead a dry slow humor, where you find yourself constantly shaking your head. 

Favorite quote:

"We would lie this way forever, always saying goodbye, never parting."

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