Book Review: Second Life by S.J. Watson

Julia just received terrible news; her sister – whom she raised after the death of her mother – was murdered. Julia was incredibly close to Kate (sister), so close in fact that when Kate got pregnant at age sixteen and couldn’t care for the child, Julia and her husband, Hugh, adopted Conner.

Recently, Kate had been contacting Julia asking for Conner back, desperate to get her back, but as Conner was 14 years old and only had a short time left in school, Julia pushed that he should stay with her.

Kate’s death shook Julia to her core. Julia left London to visit Paris and collect Kate’s belongings, it was here that Julia became aware of Kate’s very active social life on the internet. The police had no leads on Kate’s murder, so Julia decides to take matters into her own hands. At first Julia just logs in as Kate, to see if she can get any leads, but then Julia starts her own personal’s profile and find herself attracted and enamored with a younger man.

Julia’s life begins to twirl out of axis, while she loses her original intention and falls into an infatuation that all partners fear.

Up to the very last page of this book, I was completely enthralled. The story is interesting, fast-paced. Difficult to put down. But then it felt like Watson just didn’t feel like finishing her book. As much as I was enthralled with the book, I was incredibly disappointed by the ending.

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