Book Review Quickie: Until You're Mine by Samantha Hayes

Until You’re Mine is a crime novel whose narrative voice alternates between three main characters: Claudia, Zoe, and Lorraine.

Claudia is a heavily pregnant, step-mother of two, in desperate need for a nanny. Her husband, is a Navy captain and he will be out at sea during her expected due date. To help bring her life back together, Claudia enlists the help of Zoe, but never actually trusts her. 

Zoe is a mystery, even to the reader, we can tell that her motives are unclear but to what extent. She left her partner, or friend, or just roommate and joins Claudia’s household. We know that she is lying to Claudia, but we don’t know how far the lies go. 

Lorraine is a detective who is currently working on a murder case with her husband. She’s juggling between a marriage that is crumbling, two teenage daughters, one of which wants to run away and get married at 16, and a gruesome homicide involving an expectant mother. 

This was an enjoyable read. I kept guessing the murderer, then immediately changing my mind. The absolute best part of the book is the epilogue which contains the interrogation of the murderer, so freaking eerily good. 

Worth a trip to the library, but I'd save my money.