Book Review: The Wrong Man by Kate White

Kit met Matt at a resort in Florida. She was there on business but needed a fresh start after the end of a too long, too boring relationship. She ran into Matt several times on her last day of the trip, but it wasn’t until they ran into each other at a small island gift shop that she spoke to him and agreed to dinner. 

She met Matt for dinner, then later drinks in his room, then the next morning she was on her way back to New York. She went into the night, knowing it was just a bit of fun, she didn’t expect to like him as much as she did but she knew what the deal was. She received an unexpected call on the taxi ride to the airport, Matt wanted dinner with her on Thursday at his apartment in New York, she spent the rest of the ride smiling. 

Thursday night, Kit excitedly makes her way to Matt’s apartment. When the door is opened, its not Matt. She apologizes and says she was looking for Matt Healy, the man confirmed that he was Matt Healy. Kit had been duped in an incredibly embarrassing way. The real Matt Healy explained that the man she met had stolen his wallet, and he now realizes has been using his identity, he begs her to come to his firm’s security department to fill in the details of the man whom she had met in Florida, this is where her troubles begin. 

This has beach read written all over it. The plot is meh. The characters are meh. The dialogue is silly. But it keeps your attention, through the predictable ending.