Book Review Quickie: Dexter's Final Cut

The final Dexter book, Dexter is Dead is set to release on July 7, 2015. I recently reviewed book 6 of the Dexter series. Today, to continue the Dexter countdown, I have reviewed book 7, Dexter's Final Cut.

Dexter and Deborah haven’t been given much of a choice. When Captain Matthews gives an order, they must comply. The current order is a curious one… they have to babysit two actors.

A new cop drama is filming in Miami, Jackie Forrest will play a strong, female detective and Robert Chase will play the forensics nerd. Dexter hates Robert Chase, he hates every moment with him. He would much rather be with Jackie Forrest, does our little Dexter have a crush??

Dexter gets his wish and is assigned, by Deborah, as a off-the-books-bodyguard for Jackie Forrest. Turns out Dexter likes the life of a Hollywood star. 

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