Book Review: The Sixth Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko

Anton returns in another installment of the Watch Series. Anton, having spent the last decade teaching light magicians instead of fighting dark magicians, is pulled back into the field to hunt a vampire who has been sending a message to him. 

While Anton is hunting down information to find the vampire, the world's prophets all receive the same prophecy at the same time. The message is cryptic but foretells the end of all Others, and then end of people. 

Sixth Watch digs deeper into the Others that haven't received a lot of attention in the series. We get an inside look at the dark magicians, witches, shape shifters, etc. 

I actually, just now, while writing this review realized that this is the last book in the series, which is depressing, I've been reading these books for years and rejoice at the announcement of a new installment. There are some bits that are very Russian, and maybe I don't get all the references because of that, but this is a fantastic series. Its a great urban fantasy that isn't a YA urban fantasy. The vampires do not sparkle. 

I highly suggest this series and must say that I will miss it dearly.