Book Review Quickie: Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi

Boy, Snow, Bird came out a couple years ago, and the book world went NUTS for it. I tend to like things to cool off a bit before I indulge. 

We start the novel meeting Boy Novak, who is running away from an abusive father. Boy randomly selects a small town in Massachusetts as her new home. She slowly makes friends, slowly falls in love, then quickly starts her family. 

Her husband's first wife died shortly after childbirth. Snow, the first born, was immediately loved by the family. She was adorned, almost worshipped. When Boy gave birth to her daughter, she immediately turns on Snow. 

The novel switches from Boy to the daughter to Boy again. I thought the book was incredibly engaging, it felt like the author gave up on the ending. There is a very abrupt stop, with a dozen open storylines. I was completely shocked when I finished the book.

So, if you can easily let go of open storylines and just enjoy the ride, then this book is for you.